A Spiritual Reflection

Worship - November 17, 2019

In worship of November 17, Pastor Tony gave us two rocks to hold in our hands, one rough and jagged, and the other smooth and polished. He then asked us to reflect on what it was we wanted to be known for, being great or being authentic. Like those two rocks, we too have a choice to make when we go out in the world and encounter others.  Will you choose to be polished and great, or will you choose to be authentic and real? Below is a reflection from Ann Wilson on her choice. As you read her thoughts, think about how you might respond. Which rock will you choose? If you are drawn, share a comment or two in the Comments below. 

"I immediately identified with the rough rock.  I am a strong believer of Carl Rogers' “BECOMING” and Maslow’s need system of man’s survival.


I see the rough character of the rock as a ladder for mankind to grab hold of and dig their toes into, the steps so visually available to us as an opportunity to climb our path or walk our trail through out our life. As we do so, we create little grains of sand and seed falling to earth to create a base for cultural creation and building. Thus, we, through our existence on the planet, ALL LEAVE OUR FOOTBPRINTS IN THE SAND OF TIME at our demise. 


We should question all aspects of living, and decide how those foot prints will look for the future generation.


Some time ago, I listened to a lecture on how, in the USA, mankind desired to have a tree trunk as a part of his/her tombstone. The speaker felt this was a reflection on the NEED to connect with the universe in the forever philosophy." 

--Ann Wilson

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