Experiencing God through COVID-19


How are your experiencing God through the COVID-19 pandemic? Here's Pastor Tony Minear with his insights...


My emotions are becoming more and more erratic. Typically, Reason sits on the throne of my psyche’s palace with my emotions sequestered in their rooms. That is, until my emotions are triggered. If the triggering event is mild, they may whimper some or rattle the door of their rooms. However, a strong trigger will generally free them, and they come bounding into the throne room throwing Reason from her throne. Over time, Reason is able to restore harmony and resume her rightful place. Recently, however, my emotions have been poked a lot. Welcome to my world of coping with CVD19.


I am curious as to how other Christians might be coping with this pandemic and how it has impacted their spiritual experience. To manage my endeavor, I have divided Christians into two broad categories, monotheists and non-monotheists.


According to a 2018 Pew Survey, four in five American adults believe in God. Seventy percent of these adults are monotheistic. Makes sense as this is the view of God primarily depicted throughout the Bible. In its broadest sense,