What Didn't Make The Cut: From the sermon on Sunday - The Christ Window: Jeremiah

What Didn’t Make the Cut From The Sermon On Sunday

July 15, 2018

A twenty-minute sermon necessitates that some ideas and quotes fall to the ground of the cutting room floor. Below are some of those which didn’t quite make it past the first round from this last Sunday.

Sermon Theme: Your well-being (wholeness) is intertwined with the well-being of others.

I began the sermon by showing a one-minute clip from a video of a scene from a figure eight car race. Brought back memories when I used to be involved in racing at a local level.

  • From “Preaching God’s Transforming Justice” is a quote that resonated with me. “We learn that speaking from “the silenced” requires truth-telling testimonies of visions lost and sought still again for the transformation of life. The power of domination seeks to silence even memories and demands assimilation through forgetting.”

  • One concern I had with preaching on the idea of exiles and assimilation, integration is not acknowledging and respecting those who are forced into or are trapped in a situation not of their choice. For example, refugees flee in order to survive. To blanketly ask them to assimilate into a new culture seems cruel. How can host countries support them through this time without silencing their memories and keeping their dreams alive?

  • Jeremiah’s appeal to Israel to seek the welfare of others is an appeal to self-interest. Would an altruistic appeal have been heeded? (Anchor Bible Commentary)

  • The call to pray for a hated heathen oppressive power by Jeremiah is incredible even today. There is no other example of this in literature from that period. (Anchor Bible Commentary)

  • From “No Place for Exile.” The framework of exile forces one to make sense of (1) who we are, (2) where we are, and (3) how we are to respond to the world. Metaphorical exile is similar to physical exile by being a minority that is without power, that is relying on the mercy of your oppressor.

If you would like to hear what made the cut, visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/beatitudesradio/2018/07/18/gathering-38-the-christ-window--jeremiah to hear the sermon.

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