What Didn't Make The Cut: Born Again?

A twenty-minute sermon necessitates that some ideas and quotes fall to the ground of the cutting room floor. Below are some of those which didn’t quite make it past the first round from this last Sunday.

The last few Sundays I have spoken on subjects that carry a great deal of baggage for many disenfranchised Christians: original sin, sin versus sins, and being born again. Why? Because deeply rooted beliefs don’t disappear overnight. They hide out in our brains or psyche and when the right situation or circumstances occur they manifest themselves through our emotions and actions. We are left scratching our heads wondering, “What just happened?” However, if we are willing to face these beliefs head on and discover a viable alternative in how to understand these subjects, we can find a sense of peace and be on the path to reformulating a flexible belief system that enhances life as we live motivated to be compassionate and accepting of ourselves and others.

Here is what didn’t make the cut this week:

  1. Jesus is speaking of a new dimension of life or way of seeing NOT a new religious status.

  2. Born of water and spirit (John 3:5). Being born of water speaks of the breaking of the maternal waters at birth. Being born of spirit is the entrance into a new dimension of what it means to be human which is as mystical of an experience as blowing wind. We are meant to experience both.

  3. The story of Nick (Nicodemus) depicts those who prefer the security of the known darkness to the startling vision of life lived in the light of new understanding of God. This idea from Bishop Spong caused me to reflect on the startling transition a fetus must experience as it leaves the womb and enters the world.

  4. “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s, there are few.” A Christian who lives with beginner’s mind is an awesome dinner companion and house guest. Imagine the delight of late-night discussions accompanied with a glass of wine.

If you would like to hear what makes the cut, Click Here to hear the sermon.

Rev. Tony Minear, PhD. is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Beatitudes a Progressive Christian Church based in Phoenix AZ.

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