What Didn't Make the Cut: Original Sin or Blessing?

What Didn’t Make the Cut

April 29, 2018

A fifteen to twenty-minute sermon necessitates that some ideas and quotes fall to the ground of the cutting room floor. Below are some of those which didn’t quite make it past the first round from this last Sunday.

The topic for this past Sunday’s sermon was Original Sin. I walked away from this belief many years ago for two reasons. First, I could not wrap my mind around the idea that one person’s choice sealed the destiny of all future generations. This is not just. Second, science does not support a young earth. Therefore, a literal reading of the creation account in Genesis 1,2 doesn’t work. Some scholars try to bring evolution and the creation account together. I’m not convinced. What was new for me in studying for this sermon was the theological implications of evolution. We are evolving not falling. I like that. This also impacts my view of God, humanity and the idea of salvation. Upcoming sermons will address this.

Here is what didn’t make the cut.

1. Early in the week I played with the idea of dualism and its impact on Original Sin. I didn’t chase that rabbit very far.

2. Adam and Eve and their actions as archetypes of humanity rather than literal figures.

3. “The way we understand human life always determines the way we understand God.” Bishop Spong

4. Michael Dowd speaks of the development of the human brain over time. Before the development of the frontal lobe, which gave us consciousness and the ability to discern good and evil and make choices, how could sin exist? How does this impact our understanding of sin in the classical way of sin disobeying God?

5. Pastor Dawn highlights connection between how we live with each other and the evolutionary process. This may be an indicator of the difference between what is good or evil for a society. “The spoils of evolution go not to the fastest or smartest but to those who can find the best relationship between creative individuality and cooperative sociality.”

6. “If we accept this original sin and the fall from grace, we accept that we have fallen down from a higher place. We are ashamed of our imperfections and apologize for them as though they were a flaw, with the only course of action to ask for forgiveness and to strive to be more perfect. Look at who we are today. We beat up on ourselves from every angle of perceived imperfection, and we set unrealistic expectations in our quest to be better, to get closer to perfect, and we focus on the flaws of others, expecting perfection from them as well. By doing this, we are both accepting and continuing Eve's punishment.” Marjorie Loring

If you would like to hear what makes the cut, visit us here http://www.blogtalkradio.com/beatitudesradio/2018/05/01/gathering-28-rev-dr-tony-minear-original-sin-or-blessing

Rev. Tony Minear, PhD. is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Beatitudes a Progressive Christian Church based in Phoenix AZ.

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