Las Vegas Shooting: Progressive Christians Finding Hope In A Violent World.

I, along with you, am saddened by the multitude of deaths and injuries brought about by last night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas. As one committed to understanding and following the way of Jesus, this event along with others (which are occurring far to often) makes me wonder what difference such a life makes. I wear the name tag “Progressive Christian.” So what? At times like these I am overwhelmed by the forest of violence we find ourselves. There must be more I can do than pray. I think there is.

Jesus believed in the power of love to bring about a world of peace. So rather than wallowing in despair, today I am going to double my efforts to make God’s love real. I’m going to smile and say, “Hi,” to strangers, be more patient and kind toward my family and friends, and be less critical of others who look and act differently than I do. I’m going to look for opportunities to learn how we as a nation can minimize the likelihood of such events occurring again. I want to understand how weapons that can inflict such damage in such a short period of time are available to civilians. I realize gun control is a subject that invokes many opinions and emotions. Yet it is an issue that I, as a Progressive Christian, need to be willing to talk about more often. It is an issue that I, as a Progressive Christian pastor, need to encourage my spiritual community to enter into with the larger community of Phoenix. I invite you to join with me in these endeavors.

Rev. Tony Minear, PhD. is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Beatitudes a Progressive Christian Church based in Phoenix AZ.

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