How to Be a Happier Person

Have you ever looked around and noticed someone always smiling, always in a good mood and always laughing and thought, “What is up with them?” Joyful people are not oddities to be examined but are in a natural state of happiness, the state we can all be in. There are certain behaviors that joyful people perform every day. Those behaviors include living a healthy dietary lifestyle; they often exercise, and enjoy clean air and sunshine.

Here are 6 more behaviors of how to be a happier person:

They Rarely Complain – Complaining does nothing but let the world know that you are not satisfied with your life and that you would like to perpetuate more of the same discomfort by telling everyone what is wrong and ignoring what is right. There is a difference between complaining and asking for help, one is filling the air with noise while the other is coming up with a plan for the completion of a problem. This is the first way of how to be a happier person.

They Listen to Others – We can all get caught up in our experience and want to share them with everyone we know, just to have something interesting to talk about, often we lose the ability to simply listen and become aware of the needs of others. When we listen a whole new world opens up and we are able to glimpse the realities of others, thereby, becoming flexible letting go of judgment and limited beliefs.

They Share – Offering a helping hand to those in need, a loving heart and open mind are all beneficial to someone that may just need someone to talk to. They offer non-judgmental insights and wisdom based on their personal experience.

Putting their problems aside – In life we sometimes experience problems, to some these problems become addictive, one problem creating another problem. Some people seem to effortlessly cruise through life while some careen off guard rails. The trick is to let problems come and using a different perspective see them for what they are and allow them to move on by, get motivated by the solution and stay focused. A true master allows himself to make mistakes, learns the lessons and then moves on. He doesn’t let them stop him from how to be a happier person.

They are Open to Good Experiences – At some point our Joyful friends choose to be open to good things in their life. This created an outlet for even more good things to happen, which perpetuated even more joy, till even the smallest experience would fill them with laughter and happiness.

They Experience the World Differently – Joyful people experience life in a way that is balanced, so a rainy day will rarely get them down. They may experience a down feeling but immediately feel up again because of some wonderful experience that can be as simple as a cat’s purr or touching the soft leaves of a plant, or reading an uplifting story.

I often hear my friends, “I can’t find my joy, I don’t know what my passion is.” My response is to simply become aware every time you feel happiness. When you examine your life, what part of it brings you the most joy? What part of it brings you the most hurt or sadness, and when will it be time to stop suffering? Answering these questions is how to be a happier person.

Everything in life is a choice, if you choose to be down one day and up another day that is fine, however; know that you chose it, and that day cannot ever be brought back. Consciously choosing to bring more good things into your life by modeling a joyful person will help you to know how to be a happier person, and begin succeeding, feeling lifted and bringing more joy and passion into your life. You will feel healthier, clearer, balanced and more energetic than ever.

Kyra Schaefer, Pastoral & Marketing Associate

Church of the Beatitudes

Kyra moved to Phoenix with her Husband Todd 6 years ago. She has run highly successful practices and a variety of businesses over the years and learned all the in's and out's of marketing and social media. She was able to take her business to 6 figures in just a couple years using the strategies she now brings to Church of the Beatitudes.

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