What Didnt Make the Cut: Jesus and Buddha - Penance

What Didn’t Make the Cut Jesus & Buddha: Penance A fifteen to twenty-minute sermon necessitates that some ideas and quotes fall to the ground of the cutting room floor. Below are some of those which didn’t quite make it past the first round from this last Sunday. This week we looked at the background to Lent and its original ties to the Roman Catholic Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. I was unable to tie in the Buddhist perspective of forgiveness and reconciliation. 1. In the eBook “Buddha in a Nutshell” Narada Mahathera points out that “it was the belief in the ancient days that no deliverance could be gained unless one leads a life of strict asceticism.” Siddhartha Gotama (The Buddh

Time To Ride: Exploring Damaged

Two passions of mine are reading and riding motorcycles. I read and ride widely. I enjoy throwing my leg over the Harley to head out and explore new roads and destinations. Reading allows me to meet new authors and explore new ideas. These two practices are also important spiritually. When reading or riding, I find myself fully immersed in the moment with senses heightened and the mind fully engaged. This blog arose out of my wish to share these two passions with you. So, sit back and enjoy the ride. THE RIDE March 5, 2018 223 Miles Karen (my wife) and I headed south on the Road King. I am still amazed at the variety of elevations one experiences within just 100 miles of downtown

What didn't make the cut - Jesus and Buddha: Mindfulness

A fifteen to twenty-minute sermon along with the need for organized, necessitates that some ideas and quotes fall to the ground of the cutting room floor. Below are some of those which didn’t quite make it past the first round. 1. Tom Stead imagines the Divine as pure non-judgmental awareness. If true, why are we so judgmental of ourselves? 2. Mindfulness and concentration heightens sensitivity and helps build “mind muscle” = the tenacity to keep returning to one’s object of concentration, making this practice valuable for many reasons. 3. If thoughts, like emotions or an itch, come and go, why do some attribute them to Satan, an external source. 4. Areas of awareness: a.

Thoughts and Prayers

“The hands, that help, are holier than the lips that pray.” Robert Ingersoll “You’re in my thoughts and prayers.” These words are frequently my go to in a variety of settings: End of a hospital visit, “Thoughts and prayers;” As I say goodbye to someone I’ve visited with, “Thoughts and prayers;” After hearing of a recent tragedy, “Thoughts and prayers.” These words express my care and concern for the individual and their situation. I admit, they are not always descriptive of my future behavior. I, like you, forget. The shooting in Parkland, Florida, like similar moments the past three months, brought these words to the lips of politicians, churches, and individuals. From the lips of others,

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