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Weekly Worship Service - Now Online

Sundays are designed with you in mind. There are a variety of Gathering and Centering Prayers, Sermons to encourage, challenge and make you think, Traditional and Newly Inspired Hymns, Meditative Moments of Silence, Children’s Story or Song, and Opportunities to Share with Your Community.


Each service is designed to take you on a contemplative journey of self-discovery. We offer you space to open up to new possibilities in your thinking and spirit. It is the collective intention that you feel renewed for your week ahead to make God’s love real for others.

Empowering You to Enrich Others

Every week you have an opportunity to be around others who like you, experience the ups and downs of life. You don’t have to do anything alone, and with a community of people we all support and care for one another. You take responsibility for yourself and your happiness, but there is something very sacred about sharing your life with others and to be seen and heard without being fixed or changed. It is through this process of sharing that we empower one another for life’s journey.

Small Groups for Spiritual Enrichment

Our spiritual enrichment groups help you to connect with others respectfully sharing ideas and insights. We use a variety of books and articles to inspire ideas and spark discussion with thought-provoking questions that help us connect with our purpose, interest and understanding more deeply. Growing spiritually together fosters a feeling of assurance so we can be more effective in our lives individually.


Interrobang: Adult enrichment group meeting Sundays at 11:15 am in Nelson Lounge. This gathering is a place to raise questions (?) and probe important ideas that help us celebrate discoveries (!).

(Temporarily not meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions)


Ruminate - Conversations on Things That Matter: Adult Enrichment group meeting Sundays at 11:30 am in the Patio Room. Life is complex. To keep an open mind and try to hear and understand diverse views on various issues can be overwhelming. Pastor Tony Minear invites you to join in this lively dialogue on ethical subjects such as – sanctity of life, public health, sex and gender, and work.

(Now meeting on Zoom)

Community Giving

There are always ways to give to your community utilizing the ministries and partnerships with nonprofit agencies available at Beatitudes Church. Find out where you can plug in, your community needs you:

  • Bishop’s Pantry - Grab-and-go meals and grocery items for homeless and food-insecure individuals and families

  • Partnership with Maryland Elementary School - Children’s educational resources, supplies and volunteer services such as after-school tutoring

  • Shoebox Ministry - New, clean socks and basic toiletries for homeless

  • ICM (Interfaith Community Ministry) – Food, clothing and household item donations given to this nonprofit agency that serves low-income working individuals currently strapped paying their own rent and utilities

  • Justa Center – Volunteer services and donations for this nonprofit day resource center for homeless senior citizens in the Phoenix area

  • Duet: Partners in Health and Aging – Volunteer services and donations for this nonprofit agency offering free-of-charge services to homebound adults, family caregivers, faith communities and grandfamilies

  • Family Promise – Beatitudes Church is a hosting facility for homeless families in our Nelson Hall space one to two weeks out of the year

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Why Should I Go to This Church?

Beatitudes Church is...

We are an open and affirming progressive Christian community of faith-seeking and faith-keeping people grounded in stories and truths from the scriptures. We are open to insights and interpretations of God revealed to us through new experiences, different faiths and diverse cultures. We provide opportunities for formation of Christian ideals through spiritual enrichment, offer education for progressive Christians to find their own ways of understanding Jesus, and encourage practice of these teachings in everyday living. 


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You are free to be you. You do not have to follow strict interpretations of the Bible for example. One does not have to worship in a certain way. You are free to differ in opinion with your seatmate.

Not only is it community oriented, but is open to members to express and embrace their own philosophies, spirituality and faith following.

First of all the music pulled me in. This church is so welcoming. I have made some great friends here!

There are people I've loved for a long time who attend this church. I need a church that truly accepts all peoples and allows me to explore my spirituality freely.

It is an outreach centered entity working to better the community around us. Charity begins at home and spreads by service to others.

Church of Beatitudes is a friendly and open environment. This church cares for not only its congregational members but the homeless and less fortunate.

It's welcoming, from the signs outside to the staff and volunteers. The music is soulful, inspiring and entertaining. Access to the sermon online every Sunday is fantastic.

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Beatitudes Church, a progressive Christian church, affirms that every person has worth as a unique creation made in the image of God. We recognize, celebrate and give thanks for the many diverse gifts of God among us. We declare ourselves to be an Open and Affirming congregation, welcoming into the full life and ministry of the Church persons of every race, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability and economic status.




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